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Photo Play
Stand Alones

The Friendship Series
PG13. Crossover with The Sentinel (and SG1 (Team) in Part 2). Angst. Friendship. Action. Co-written with Leesa Perrie. SGA Seasons 2 and 3.
Warning: Kidnap in Part 2/Anaphylactic shock and attempted murder in Part 3.
award  (for Part 1 of The Friendship Series)

Jayne also co-wrote with me a few The Sentinel stories that can be found via my page here, as well as some Stargate Atlantis stories that can be found via my page here.

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Photo Play:
A story using action figures and cowritten and produced with Jayne Perry. Check it out here.

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Stand Alone Stories:
243 words. PG. Angst. Season 3 or later.

The Shrine Tag
695 words. PG. Angst. Friendship. Season 5 (The Shrine).
Pairing: Slight McKay/Keller.

Empty Halls
431 words. PG. Humour. Season 4.

Fairy Tale
507 words. PG. Mystery. Season 2 or later.

Feed Me
914 words. PG. Angst. Season 2 (The Hive).
Warning: Enzyme withdrawal (drugs)/Remembrance of past canon deaths.

526 words. PG. Angst. Any season.

222 words. G. Humour. Season 2 or later.

158 words. G. Humour. Season 2 or later.

257 words. PG. Angst. Season 4 (Doppelganger).
Warning: Mention of nightmares.

420 words. PG. Humour. Season 2 or later.

Restless Night

578 words. PG. Angst. Humour. Set Season 2 or 3.

'Bye, Carson
223 words. PG. Angst. Season 3 (Sunday).
Warning: Grief (canon death).

A Bit of Jazz
143 words. PG. Humour. Season 1.

Mr Snark

456 words. PG. Humour. Season 1.

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