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Disclaimer: The Sentinel belongs to Paramount and Pet Fly, not to me. This is a non profit making site, and all artwork, captions and fanfiction is for pleasure only.  Only the original characters and plot belong to the author.  No money is being made from any of this. No copyright infringement is intended.

All my fanfiction is Gen - this means no m/m or f/f relationships, and no non-canon m/f relationships.  I don't write romance; it's not my thing.  Each to their own, as they say!

Stories in alphabetical order, some are co-written with the wonderful Jayne Perry! Sentinel photos mainly from Starfox's Mansion or Sentinel Episode Archive.  

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The RTA Series
Humour.  PG. Some silliness regarding names of cars. Cover art by pattrose.

Co-written Series:

The AU Series
AU. Angst. PG13.An injured Blair.  Lots of angst but gets more optimistic as the series goes on. Part 2 co-written with Jayne Perry. Cover art by pattrose.

The Friendship Series
Crossover with Stargate Atlantis (and SG1 in Part 2). Angst. Friendship. Set several years after TSbyBS. PG13. Co-written with Jayne Perry. Cover art by alyjude.
LMFA Hon Mention
(for Part 1 of The Friendship Series)

Stand Alone Stories:

A Bird in the Nest
Humour. PG. Jim, Blair and a female duck...!

A Picture of Blair
Angst. PG13. Very short piece, based on artwork by Lorraine Brevig

Another Friend Lost
Angst. PG13. Set after Sweet Science episode. Blair thinks about his friends.
Warning: Grief (canon death).

Charity Shenanigans
Humour. PG13. Blair tries to get Jim to do something for charity.

Fall Out
Angst. PG13. Set after Vanishing Act episode. Blair's in trouble with Sam yet again!
Pairing: Mention of Samantha/Blair.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Humour. PG. Blair and the green cheese!

Humour. PG13. Blair's drunk, silliness ensues.
Warning: Drunkenness.

Lash is Dead
Angst. PG13. Cypher epilogue.  Blair needs closure. Cover art by pattrose.

Present Time
Humour. PG. Just a little Christmas fun with Jim and Blair. Cover art by pattrose.

The Settlement
Angst. PG13. After TSbyBS Jim thinks Blair is leaving, but is he?

Thoughts on the Plane Home
Angst. PG13. After Sentinel, Too - part 2. Blair's POV.

Wanted: A Good Home
Humour. PG. Just what has followed Blair home? Silliness warning included!

Co-written Stand Alone Stories:

Bang! Holy Grail Time!
Missing Scenes. PG13. Blair's POV. Early missing scenes for The Switchman. Co-written with Jayne Perry. Cover art by stargatesg1971.

Angst.  Action. PG13. Jim's away and Blair's volvo goes off the road but Blair isn't driving. Co-written with Jayne Perry. Cover art by alyjude.
Early in the Morning
Humour. PG13. Too short to summarise really. Jim and Blair at home. Co-written with Jayne Perry.

The Agony of De Feet
Humour. PG13. Jim and Blair go for a long hike they should know better by now! Co-written with Jayne Perry.

The Kid
AU. PG13. A fourteen year old runaway boy in need of help... Co-written with Jayne Perry. Cover art by pattrose.

General Fandom Story (not TS specific):

Warning to All

PG. Humour. A tale of plot bunnies and paranoia.  

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