Word Count: 507
Rating: PG.
Category: Mystery.
Story Status: Complete
Summary: Another Ancient outpost, and John should know better by now.

Beta: Thank you to Leesa Perrie for the beta-reading.

Fairy Tale
By Jayne Perry

Leaning against a dusty wall, Sheppard watched Rodney fuss over an Ancient display screen.

Rodney was in his element, but Sheppard admitted to himself he was bored. Looking at Ronon and Teyla, he could tell they were bored too.

Looking around, he wondered if the Ancients had a check list of requirements to build an Ancient lab.

1.  Forest, that could almost be somewhere in Canada.
2.  Make the locals build a temple, that would be forgotten about in a few decades or so.
3.  Be able to hide a lab beneath the temple.
4.  Forget to turn everything off, so Rodney would get a power reading.
5.  Make sure the power reading is somewhere you can't land a puddle jumper near, and far enough for Rodney to moan all the way there.

Sheppard knew the list would go on forever, but he was getting uncomfortable and fidgety, not that he would admit it to anyone. There was a console nearby and at just the right height for him to lean against.

No sooner had he leant against it, than there was a grinding noise.

"What did you do?" Rodney snapped at him accusingly.

"I didn't do anything, McKay."

"Move out the way. The panel behind you has lit up like a Christmas tree."

Just then the grinding noise stopped, quickly followed by a hissing noise as a panel slid open, revealing it's contents.

"Well, hello, Snow White,"  Sheppard found himself saying. Because the panel had revealed a stasis chamber containing a beautiful young woman, with silvery long hair, in a long white dress.


"More like Sleeping Beauty," admired Rodney from beside him.

"Who is Snow White and Sleeping Beauty?" asked Teyla, wanting to know the answer and at the same time knowing she would probably be confused by the answer.

"Disney character,"  Sheppard told her.

"Fairy tale character," McKay clarified.

Still mystified, Teyla nodded her head as though she understood.

"If she's Snow White, where are the seven dwarves," asked Ronon.  At their surprised looks, he explained that occasionally he watched DVD's with the nurses during the late shift, when the infirmary wasn't busy.

"Talking of nurses, we'd better come back with a medical team.  Is she safe to leave? Or is the Snow Queen here going to defrost herself?" Sheppard asked Rodney

"Give me five more minutes to carry on downloading the data, then I can put her back behind her panel and she's good for another 100 years or so. Unless you want to try waking her with a kiss?"

"Tempting as that is, I don't think frost bite on my lips would do anything for me. Okay people, let's go back to Atlantis and see what we've got."

Closing her once more behind the panel, the team left, each wondering who she was and why she was important enough to be in stasis. 

In the empty ancient lab the status lights attached to the chamber flickered and changed to a pulsating green and the woman's eyes flicked open.  

The End (or not?!)

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