Word Count: 420
Rating: PG.
Category: Friendship. Humour.
Story Status: Complete.
Rodney and John and a bit of banter...

Beta: Thank you to Leesa Perrie for the beta-reading.

By Jayne Perry

"Rodney!  What have you done?  Where are we?"

"What do you mean what have I done? I told you to think 'on' or 'activate'.  Not 'activate and transfer us into the game'.  I just wanted to take readings!"

'Welcome to the tutorial'

"Not tutorials, I hate tutorials, I just want to get into the game."

"Tutorials are safe.  You don't die in tutorials.  The longer we stay here the longer Radek can extricate us."

'Please talk to the guide.  He will tell you how to move about tutorial planet.'

"Moving isn't a good idea.  If we don't talk to the guide we don't move.  Sheppard, I said don't talk to him."

"I just want to see what the man has to say."

'Movement can be achieved by the usual running and walking.  Around planetescape you will also find coloured discs.  These can be used to teleport from one planet to another. As your character progresses through the levels, more planets will be open to you.

'Please follow the yellow path and you will find the combat instructor.'

"No, no, no, not combat."

"C'mon, Rodney.  Combat, sounds like fun.  Like you said, this is the tutorial, you don't die in the tutorial."

John and Rodney

Before Rodney could answer, the world shimmered and Rodney and John once again found themselves back in the lab. 

"Damn," muttered Sheppard under his breath.

Rodney looked relived and looked as though he wanted to hug Zelenka.  Zelenka took a step back just to be sure Rodney didn't come near him.

"How did you get us out?" Rodney asked.

"Easy.  I used log out button.  Next time you play game I have worked out how to change your clothes. I can even make you female." Radek grinned.

Sheppard looked interested, Rodney looked daggers.  Zelenka ran.

Seeing John's speculative look, Rodney snatched up the device and put it in the safe where he kept all of his dangerous devices.  He didn't see John trying to peer over his shoulder, trying to memorise the combination.

'Now all I have to do is get Rodney out of the way, grab the game, and hey presto, have fun next time I have a few hours down time,' John thought gleefully to himself. 'Either that or get him drunk and tell Teyla and Ronon it's a team building exercise.'

"See you later, Rodney,” Sheppard called to his team mate as he exited the lab.  Plans and ideas running through his head.

And how many Atlantis personnel would also like to join in, he wondered.

The End

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