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2008 Advent Calendar Fics

Disclaimer: Stargate Atlantis belongs to MGM and not to me (unfortunately!). This is a non profit making site and all artwork, captions and fanfiction is purely for pleasure. Only the original characters and plot belong to the author, and absolutely no money is being made from any of this. No copyright infringement is intended.

All my fanfiction is gen - for me this means that any relationships mentioned must not the focus of the story and need to either be canon-established relationships or pre-Atlantis ones (unless AU). I do not write romance - someone referred to gen-readers as romance-allergic and I think this is a pretty good description of me!

I am a big Rodney McKay fan and hence most of my stories involve him to a large extent!!  Newest stories are at the top of each section, except series updates. Many stories contain graphics, some don't. Atlantis stories that contains at least one SG1 character are highlighted in green (unless set in Season 4 and the character is Sam Carter). Newest stories are highlighted in yellow. Um, and yes, this is a long list - it seems I've written a lot of Atlantis fic!!

Photos, unless otherwise stated, are either from SG1 and Atlantis ScreencapsDedicated to Stargate, Stargate Archive, GateWorld or MGM.

Check out this page before reposting anything from this site elsewhere.

The Cousin Series
PG13. AU. Crossover with SG1 (Team) in Parts 2 and 3. 
Warning: Mention of drugs. Torture. Kidnapping/imprisonment.

The Animal Series
PG. Crossover with SG1 (Carter) in Part 1. Humour. Season 3. Cover art for first fic by jettakd.

The Kitten Series
PG. Humour. Season 3. Part 2 written for Tipper's Poem Challenge.
Warning: Death of a cat in Part 1/Lots of cuteness overload in Parts 1 to 3! Series artwork by antares04a.

The Trust Series
PG13. AU. Crossover/Fusion based on The Sentinel. Friendship. Season 3. Cover art by alyjude.
Warning: Torture in Part 2.

The Friendship Series
PG13. Crossover with The Sentinel (and SG1 (Team) in Part 2). Angst. Friendship. Action. Co-written with Jayne Perry. SGA Seasons 2 and 3.
Warning: Kidnap in Part 2/Anaphylactic shock and attempted murder in Part 3. Cover art by alyjude.
award  (for Part 1 of The Friendship Series)

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Photo Play:
A story using action figures and co-written and produced with Jayne Perry. Check it out here.

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Short Ficlets (under 500 words):
Diary Entry, December 22nd NEW
234 words. PG. Fluff.

Obsession NEW
163 words. PG. Character Study. Missing Scene. Season 4 (The Last Man).

Card War 
Minimal words, mainly graphics. PG. Humour. Friendship. Season 1 and 2 (up to and including 'Conversion', Season 2).

Unending Death
183 words. PG. Deathfic (guest character). Missing Scene. Season 3 (Progeny).

Cold Woes
100 words. PG. General.

Pizza and Temperature
50 words. PG. Two one sentence fics.

Conversational Snippets Between Two Space Explorers
288 words. PG. H/C. Friendship. Season 5.

Fake Cats
105 words. PG. Humour.

They Rolled Their Eyes & Doodling Atlantis

247 words. PG. Bad Fic/Bad Art. Post Season 5.

Mixed Bag of Fic

247 words. PG. Bad Fic/Bad Art. Post Season 5.
Warning: Character death in one of the ficlets.

Five Things About Teyla
145 words. PG. Introspective. Humour.

Five Things About Jennifer
356 words. PG. Introspective. Angst.
Warning: Death of an original character.

Declassification and the Danger of Ego 
187 words. PG. Humour.

Diary Extract 
486 words. PG. Humour. Spoilers for Seige 3 & Intruder.

McKay's To Do List
73 words. PG. Humour.
Grief and When
2 fics, both 6 words long. G. Angst. Season 3 (Sunday) for 1 of them.

Warning: Grief (canon death).

302 words. PG. Angst. Season 3 (post Sunday). C
over art by stargates1971.

A Day of Surprises
397 words. PG. Character Study. Season 1 (Hide & Seek).

302 words. G. Friendship. Humour. Season 3/4/5. (No graphics)

The Artefact
197 words. PG. AU. General. Goes AU in Season 3. (No graphics)

Not Chuck's Day
493 words. PG. Hurt/Comfort. Season 4.

483 words. PG. Hurt/Comfort. Season 3. (No graphics)
Warning: Bug/insect

Another Late Night
215 words. PG. Angst. Humour. No specific spoilers. Any Season.

286 words. PG. AU. Season 3 (McKay and Mrs Miller). (No graphics)

Five Reasons for Claustrophobia
209 words. PG. Angst. Seasons 2 and 5. (No graphics)
Warning: Claustrophobic Situations.

305 words. PG. Angst. Season 4 (Miller's Crossing).

Animal Magic?
500 words. PG. Humour. Season 2 or later. (No graphics)

Red or Green?
74 words. G. Humour.  Season 3 or later.

Jerk Snippet
99 words. PG13. Snippet of conversation. (No graphics)

He's Not Dead 
202 words. PG. Angst. Season 4 (Kindred Part 2).

Ten Postcards    
Minimal words, mainly graphics. PG13. Angst. Humour. GRAPHIC HEAVY. Mixed Seasons (up to and including Season 4).
Warning: One or two are a little dark.
Pairing: Mention of Katie/Rodney.

Missing Scene for Otters
122 words. PG. Humour. Angst. Season 2 or 3.
Warning: Nigtmare (but a cracked one).

Costume Drama
311 words. PG. Humour. Season Non-Specific.

239 words. PG. Humour. Season 1. (No graphics.)
Warning: Silliness!

242 words. PG13. Angst. Season 2 (The Hive).
Warning: Enzyme withdrawal (drugs). 
Cover art by stargates1971.

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Longer Ficlets (500 to 999 words)
Toys Aren't Us
634 words. PG. Humour. Missing Scene Season 3 (McKay and Mrs Miller).

Five Foods They Missed Most
983 words. PG. Introspective. Set Season 1.

Bridge of Tears
784 words. PG. AU. Angst. Friendship. Team. Set post Season 3 or later.
Death of a guest character.

Unexpected Delivery
548 words. PG. Friendship. Humor. Season 5 (Search & Rescue)

Hunting the Snark
702 words. PG. Friendship. Humour. Crossover with SG1 (Carter, Dr Lee). Early Season 2.

Under Attack
519 words. PG13. Action. Season 2.

850 words. PG. Friendship. Angst. Season 4 (The Last Man) and Season 5 (Search and Rescue). (No graphics)
Warning: Canon deaths (not permanent).

631 words. PG. Drama. Angst. Season 5.
Warning: Claustrophobic situation.

557 words. PG. Friendship. Season 5 (The Prodigal).

Ronon's Raids
656 words. PG. Humour. Friendship. Season 2 or later.

563 words. PG13. Friendship. Season 4 (Outcast). (No graphics)

Loss, and the Art of Coping (or Not)    
813 words. PG. Friendship. Angst. Season 4 (This Mortal Coil).
Warning: Grief (canon deaths)

Names Will Never Hurt You
654 words. PG. Angst. Season 3. (No graphics.)
Warning: Bullying.

The Ancestry of Meredith
934 words. PG. Angst. Season 3. (No graphics.)

Two Become One
694 words. PG. Angst. Season 3 (McKay and Mrs Miller).
Warning: Death of original character (teen).

661 words. PG. AU. Angst. Season 3.
Warning: Loss of legs. Slightly dark AU.

Not Carson
514 words. PG. Angst. Season 3 (Vengeance).
Warning: Grief (canon death).

Eddie Bear
823 words. PG. Angst. Season Non-Specific.

The Not So Masked Man
850 words. PG13. AU. Season 3.
Dark fic/evil McKay.

Surrogate Family
723 words. PG. Angst.  Season 3 (between McKay and Mrs Miller and Sunday).
Warning: Death of original characters (family members).

716 words. PG13. Angst. Season 2 (The Hive).

To Be a Friend
770 words. PG. Angst.  Season 1.

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Short Fics (1000 to 4999 Words)
Five Things Rodney Learned (while held against his will)
2121 words. PG13. Humour. Angst. Spoilers up to Season 2.
Co-written with Jayne Perry. Cover art by clwilson2006

Dialogue With an Owl
1,097 words. PG. Friendship. Season 3 (Common Ground) 
Warning: Um, bad pun?! Cover art by mella68.

Sport of Kings
2,309 words. PG. Angst. Season 3 (Sunday).
Warning: Grief (canon death). Cover art by caitriona_3.

Stay Strong, Rodney
1,652 words. PG. Angst. Friendship. Season 4 (Reunion)

First Star I See Tonight
1,055 words. PG. Angst. Friendship. Season 1 (Defiant One) and Season 2 (before Trinity).
Warning: Canon deaths. Cover art by everythingshiny.

Genie of the Lamp
1,627 words. PG. AU. Humour. Pre-Atlantis, but spoiler for Season 4 (Outcast). Cover art by alyjude.

To Extricate from an Undesirable State
4,693 words. PG. Hurt/Comfort. Action/Adventure. Season 4 (after Spoils of War, before Midway). (No graphics)
Warning: Near drowning. Cover art by alyjude.

Broken Memories
1,736 words. PG. Angst. Season 5 (tag for Broken Ties). (With cover art by alyjude)
Warning: Enzyme withdrawal (drugs).
Cover art by alyjude.

Survival 101
2,049 words. PG. Angst. Season 3. (No graphics)
Warning: Claustrophobic situation.

It's Raining, It's Pouring
2,278 words. PG. Humour. Angst. Season 4 (Quarantine).
Warning: Mentions sharks.
Pairing: Brief mention of Katie/Rodney.

2,509 words. PG. Friendship. Season 4 (between Tabula Rasa and Missing).

Balcony Scene
1,256 words. PG. Friendship. Humour. Season 4 (Reunion).

Five Ways Cake Caused Rodney Pain
2,653 words. PG. Angst. Humour. Pre-Atlantis and Seasons 1 to 3.
Warning: Death of a cat.

Camera Happy
1,709 words. PG. Humour. Introspective. Seasons 1 and 3. (Graphic heavy)

Scarred Memories
2,187 words. PG. Angst. Season 3.
Warning: Mention of kidnap attempt.
Pairing: Brief mention of a past relationship with an original character.

Just Us Few
2,658 words. PG. Humour. Friendship. Season 3 (The Return). (O'Neill).

3,085 words. PG13. Angst.  Season 2 (after Trinity).
Warning: Imprisonment.

1,349 words. PG. Angst.  Season 3 (McKay and Mrs Miller).
Warning: Death of parent.

Astronomer: Past and Present
1,579 words. PG. PWP.  Introspective. Season 2 and 3. Written for Tipper's Poem Challenge.

What are We: Mice or Men?
1,478 words. PG. Angst.  Humour.  Season 1 or 2. Written for Tipper's Poem Challenge.
Warning: Rodents and claustrophobic situations.

2,880 words. PG13. AU. Angst.  Season 2 (AU tag for The Hive).
Warning: Talks about drugs.

4,164 words. PG13. Angst. Season 3.
Warning: Death of original character (child).

Insulting Your Enemies
2,729 words. PG13. Pre-Atlantis. Crossover with SG1 (Team).

1,034 words. PG. Humour. Season 3 (before Irresistible).

4,248 words. PG13. AU. Angst. Season 2 (AU tag for Runner).

Grace After Pressure
3,196 words. PG13. Angst.  Friendship.  Season 2 (Grace Under Pressure).
Warning: References to a claustrophobic situation.

Not So Shallow
2,200 words. PG13. Angst. Humour.  Seasons 1 and 2.

1,255 words. PG. Angst.  Season 2.
Warning: Hypothermia/Claustrophobic situation.

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Medium Sized Fics (5000 to 9999 Words)
7,679 words. PG. AU. Angst. A very brief appearance by Carter. Pre-Atlantis.
Pairing: References a past relationship with an original character.

After Russia
8,218 words. PG13. Angst. Crossover with SG1 (Team). Pre-Atlantis.
Cover art by alyjude.

Unlikely Target
7,738 words. PG13. Angst. Crossover with SG1 (Team). Pre-Atlantis & Season 1.
Cover art by alyjude.
Warning: Torture.

9,352 words. PG13. AU. Angst. Season 3.
Warning: Creepy mind control.

Only Human
5,050 words. PG13. Angst.  Season 3 (Irresistible).

The Web
6,572 words. PG13. Angst. Season 2.
Warning: Creepy mind control device.

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Long Fics (10,000 plus words)
The Past That Haunts Us
20,853 words. PG13. AU. Angst. H/C. Friendship. This is a White Collar fic that happens to contain Rodney rather than a tradition crossover.

22,396 words. PG13. AU. Angst. Hurt/Comfort. Friendship. Co-written with Jayne Perry. (No graphics)
Warning: Death of a wild feline. 

The Guild
12,334 words. PG13. AU. Angst. Action.
Co-written with Jayne Perry. (No graphics)
Warning: Kidnap and torture.

The Journey
28,586 words. PG13. Angst. Action/Adventure. Season 3 (Tao of Rodney). 
Co-written with Jayne Perry. (No graphics)
Warning: Torture.

Those Who Trust
14,531 words. PG13. AU. Angst. Action.
Warning: Claustrophobic situations and remembered torture. Cover art by luna.

Actions Speak Loudest of All
10,894 words. PG. AU (No Atlantis). Angst. Action/Adventure. Crossover with Mag 7 TV show. (No graphics)

21,777 words. PG13. AU. Angst. Season 1 and 2.
Warning: Claustrophobic situations/Snake-like creatures. Cover art by luna.

Gifted Castaway
17,048 words. PG13. AU. Angst. Seasons 1 and 2. Cover art by Helix Nebula.

13,806 words. PG13. AU. Action/Adventure. Season 2. (No graphics)

Look Back in Anger
14,332 words. PG13. Angst. Season 3 (after The Return). Crossover with SG1 (Carter). Two illustrations by WolfenM.
Claustrophobic situation/Bullying.

Soldiers by Necessity
12,173 words. PG13. AU. Action/Adventure.  Season 3 (before Sunday).
Cover art by luna.
2007 Stargate Awards

13,325 words. PG13. AU. Angst. Season 2 (after Trinity). (No graphics.)
Warning: Drunkenness/Evil Jeannie (written before seeing McKay and Mrs Miller)

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2008 Advent Calendar:
A mix of captioned photos and ficlets - I've listed the ficlets and one filk below. If you want to see the captions too, go here.

258 words. PG. Humour. Sometime after Miller’s Crossing, Season 4. 
271 words. PG. Angst. Set pre-Atlantis mainly. 
Poinsettia, or not
229 words. PG. Humour. Set after Tabula Rasa, before Quarantine.  

Snowball Fights
295 words. PG. Humour. Season 3 or 4. 
512 words. PG. Light Introspective. Season 3 or 4. 

348 words. PG. Introspective. Season 1. 

Trees, or Perfection is in the Eye of the Beholder
337 words. PG. Introspective. Season 1 (but spoilers for Season 4, Outcast).

Christmas Cake
580 words. PG. Light Introspective. Season 2, before Trinity. 

371 words. PG. Light Introspective. Season 4. 

Shopping on Earth
396 words. PG. Light Introspective/Humour. Season 4, after Missing, before Midway. 

Shopping in Pegasus

761 words. PG. Light Introspective. Season 3, before The Return. 

Battle of the Cards

870 words. PG. Humour. Season 4 or later. (Graphic heavy)

Food, Presents, Good Company; An Atlantis Christmas Day
660 words. Light Introspective/Humour. PG. Season 2, before Trinity. 

12 Days of Christmas Filk
PG. Humour. 

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G. Poem picspam.

The Lonely Cold 
G. Grace Under Pressure. Poem wallpaper.

Meredith Rodney McKay
PG. Pre-Atlantis.
Warning: Bullying.

PG. Seasons 3 (McKay and Mrs Miller) & 4 (Reunion). Poem part of artwork.

PG. Season 3 (Sunday).
Warning: Canon death.

PG. Season 2 (Trinity).

PG. Season 1 or before.    

PG. Season 1 or before.   


PG. Season 2 or before.

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General Fandom Story (not SGA specific):
Warning to All
PG. Humour. A tale of plot bunnies and paranoia. 

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