Word Count: 243
Rating: PG.
Category: Angst.
Story Status: Complete
Rodney faces a possible disaster...

Beta: Thank you to Leesa Perrie, Barcardicider and Mirth for the beta-reading.

By Jayne Perry

Rodney stood in the middle of the room, a room so familiar to him, yet the familiarity didn't lessen his fear.  If anything it accentuated it, making his heart beat faster and sweat appeared on his forehead.

Why, oh why did he say he would do this, he berated himself.  He was a physicist, not a chemist. Do things in the wrong order, or worse still, not combine everything just right, and it would be an unmitigated disaster. One which he would never live down. It would be worse even than Doranda.  His mind flinched and retreated at the memory and his hands shook even more. 

He took a deep breath to try and calm himself.  It didn't work.

He moved over to the edge of the room and opened several cupboards, locating the various implements and the substances he required. Carefully, he measured and laid out everything that he would need, in the order they were needed.

He stood several minutes, looking, trying to find the courage to start. 

He had scoffed and said that anyone could do this and it didn't require any skill.  Words he would willingly take back if he could.  But how difficult could this really be?  His mind blanched at the thought.

As he stood in Jeannie's kitchen, he felt a little hand slide into his.

"Don't worry Uncle Mer, I'll help you make Mummy's birthday cake."  And then the task didn't seem so insurmountable after all.

The End

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