Word Count: 158
Rating: PG.
Category: Humour.
Story Status: Complete.
"Which is it? The red or the green?"

Author's Notes:
For a 5 Mins challenge on the Jumper Bay yahoo list, where you had to use the line "Which one is it?  The red or the green?” somewhere in the story.

Beta: Thank you to Leesa Perrie for the beta-reading.

By Jayne Perry

"Which one is it? The red or the green?" asked Sheppard from where he was standing against the wall.

"I thought I asked you to stay quiet, or better still, go and play with Ronon or Teyla," snapped Rodney at him.

"I still think it's the green we should be paying attention to," murmured Zelenka.

"The red is obviously attached to the timer. So I say we look at the red first."

"You sound just like Riggs and Murtaugh.  You know, from the film Lethal weapon." John couldn't help saying.

"Please, they blew up a building and should never of gone near the bomb in the first place.  We are the foremost minds on Atlantis, this should be easy."

Zelenka looked at Rodney worriedly as he touched the red wire.

Then the explosion came. They all ducked.

Lorne rushed in.

Turned the volume down.

"I see you've managed to fix Zelenka's alarm clock."

And nonchalantly walked out again.

Rodney and Radek

The End

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