Word Count: 247
Rating: PG
Category: Bad fic/bad art. Humour.
Story Status: Complete
Summary: Post Season 5 for the first one, any season for the second one.

Author's Note:
These were done for challenges on stargateland. The first challenge was to write bad fic, the second challenge was to create bad art (and I wrote some bad fic to go with it)!

Thank you to Jayne Perry for the beta-reading.

They Rolled Their Eyes

By Leesa Perrie

John rolled his eyes. Rodney rolled his eyes also. Then Ronon did. And then Teyla. Even little Torren rolled his eyes. Everyone did in fact, except for Todd, who was the object of the rolled eyes, not that Todd noticed, being on the other end of the radio transmission as well as the other side of a wormhole, or would have cared if he could have seen them rolling their eyes at him, especially as he was Wraith and probably didn’t know what eye rolling meant anyway so he just carried on talking about allying with them. Everyone had heard it all before and knew nothing ever came good from this. Well, except the ZPM that had powered the wormhole drive. Not that they were on Earth anymore. Woolsey had persuaded the IOA to let them back to Pegasus for humanitarian reasons, or something like that. John hadn’t really paid all that much attention, just being glad to come back home. Even though Todd had managed to escape during that return. And was now wanting an alliance, yet again.

To be continued (never!)

Doodling Atlantis
By Leesa Perrie

Radek doodled Atlantis sat on an ocean, remembering when Carson had been piloting him once on a terrible flight that had given him a good view of Atlantis from almost-on-the-sea-oh-crap-we're-going-to-crash-into-the-ocean level. He was never ever letting Carson fly him again! But the view had been wondrous even in his terror, and had become etched into his mind's eye. Hence the doodle, during one of Kavanagh's oh-so-scintillating scientific reports.


The End

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