By Leesa Perrie

hides the fear of failure
deep inside.
Whilst sarcasm
hides the loneliness
he will not feel.

And the vulnerability
caused by having friends
is not a danger for him,
as no one looks beneath
the surface;
they only see the ego
and the snide remarks.
He’s left outside,
believes it is his due,
for being unworthy of love.

And of his past, he rarely speaks,
and all his true fears,
they hide beneath
the myriad of paranoid rants
and bouts of hypochondria.

And he drifts through life,
Admiring few,
ignoring many,
and leaving no sadness
behind when he is gone.

Until it changes,
and he finds the ones
who look beneath,
see more than he would like,
stand with him,
and never leave him alone,
nor wish him gone.

And now, he has to learn anew,
the value of true friendship.
And a concept he had left behind,
and never thought to know; family.

Sam and Rodney


The End

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