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General Information:

GateWorld - General Stargate site with omnipedia, gallery, news, transcripts etc.
Pop Culture - Contains photos of some of the cast members.
Pegasus Gate - Forum for all Stargate series.
Whumper's Meme - A Short Guide to Whumping - a look at what to do and what not to do when whumping a character by kriadydragon/stealth dragon. Although aimed at SGA fans, the basic rules are applicable to other fandoms. (Whumping - causing physical and/or emotional injury/trauma
to characters.) 

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Actor Sites:
All these sites so far have come via Wraithfodder on LiveJournal.

Julia Benson Ming-Na
David Blue Lou Diamond Phillips
Robert Carlyle Brian J Smith
Alaina Huffman Jennifer Spencer
Elyse Levesque Jamil Walker Smith
Louis Ferreira

Robert Carlyle (Dr Nicholas Rush):
Robert on Twitter

Brian J Smith (Lieutenant Matthew Scott):
Brian on Twitter
On IMDb 
Brian's mother on Twitter (Sherry Harris)

David Blue (Eli Wallace):

Official Website - Biography, gallery, information etc.
Facebook Fan Page
David on Twitter

Louis Ferreira (Colonel Everett Young):
Louis on Wikipedia

Jamil Walker Smith (Senior Sergeant Ronald Greer):
Jamil on Wikipedia

Lou Diamond Phillips (Colonel Telford):
Official Website - Biography, filmograpy, gallery and more.
Lou on Twitter
Lou's Wife on Twitter (Yvonne Phillips)

Ming-Na (Camille Wray):
Official Website - Biography, filmograpy, gallery and more.

Elyse Levesque (Chloe Armstrong):
Elyse on Facebook
Elyse on Twitter  

Alaina Huffman (Tamara Johnson):
Alaina on Twitter
Alaina on Wikipedia

Julia Benson (Second Lieutenant Vanessa James):
Julia on Twitter 

Jennifer Spencer (Doctor Lisa Park):
Jennifer on Twitter 

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Crew Sites:

Brad Wright (Co-Developer/Executive Producer/Writer):
Brad on IMDb

Robert C Cooper (Co-Developer/Executive Producer/Writer):
Robert on IMDb

Joe Mallozzi (Writer):
Current Blog - His current blog where he talks about food, life and answers some fan questions.

Carl Binder (Writer):
Carl on Twitter - His twitter is friends locked.

Martin Gero (will contribute scripts but not be a part of main writing team):
Martin on Twitter - Beware of bad language.

John G Lenic (Producer):
John on Twitter 

Mark Savela (Visual Effects Supervisor):
Mark on Twitter 

James Bamford (Stunts Co-ordinator):
James on IMDb

Ivan Bartok (DVD Special Features Producer):
Ivan on Twitter

Joel Goldsmith (Composer):
Joel on Wikipedia

John Scalzi (Creative Consultant and Sci-Fi Author):
John on Twitter

Mandy Alexander McLean (Script Supervisor):
Mandy on Twitter 

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If you know of any sites that I have not linked that might be of interest to Universe fans, please let me know. Thank you.

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