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More links can be found here - these being sites of most use to fanfic writers, though there may be things of interests to other fans too (a guide to fanfic terms, for instance). Some sites are listed on both pages.

Fanfiction Archives
Individual Fanfiction Sites
Ficathon, Challenge and Other Fiction Sites
General Sites
Artwork Sites
Actor Sites
Crew Sites
Merchandise Sites

Fanfiction Archives:
Jumper Bay - Gen only site.
Wraithbait - All genres, including ship/het and slash, well labelled.

Sheppard H/C - All genres, including ship/het and slash, well labelled - Live Journal community.
SGA_Gen Rec - Gen only site - Live Journal community.

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Individual Fanfiction Sites:
Kodiak Bear
Thought Reflex
Gaffer 42
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Ficathon, Challenge and Other Fiction Sites:
sga_genficathon - Gen only - Live Journal community.

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General Sites:
GateworldSG1 and SGA news news, blogs, omnipedia, interviews and more.
SG1 and Atlantis Screencaps - as described, but not fully up to date.
Dedicated to Stargate - SG1 mainly, but some SGA.  Some good screencaps.
Stargate Information Archive - episode guide, wallpapers, cast info and more.
The Gateroom - SG1 and SGA interviews, media and more.
Kawoosh! - SG1 and SGA massive song vids site - all genres.
Stargate Handbook - Lots of information on SG1 and Atlantis – but only up to Duet in S2 for Atlantis at present.  Still a good site for background info on characters etc, and site owner tells you if the info is canon or derived from canon by fans.
Atlantis Archive - Gallery, news, media and lots more.
Stargate Musing - Transcripts for Season 1 (site has several WIP sections).
Pegasus Gate - Forum for all Stargate series.
Stargate Wiki - Full of information on all Stargate shows.
Whumper's Meme - A Short Guide to Whumping - a look at what to do and what not to do when whumping a character by kriadydragon/stealth dragon. Although aimed at SGA fans, the basic rules are applicable to other fandoms. (Whumping - causing physical and/or emotional injury/trauma to characters.)

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Artwork Sites:
WolfenMoondaughter - A mix of artwork including SGA (mixed genre, gen and ship).
SGA Icontest - icon contest for SGA on LiveJournal

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Actor Sites:
Many of these sites have come via GateWorld, others via Wraithfodder on LiveJournal.

Michael Beach Paul McGillion Gildart Jackson                       
Chuck Campbell Jason Momoa Janina Gavankar

Robert Davi Dylan Neal
Ryan Robbins

Joe Flanigan David Nykl Ben Cotton

Rainbow Sun Francks Robert Picardo

Andee Frizzell Mitch Pileggi
David  Hewlett Kavan Smith
Kate Hewlett Jewel Staite
Christopher Heyerdahl Amanda Tapping
Torri Higginson Sharon Taylor
Rachel Luttrell Craig Veroni

Joe Flanigan (John Sheppard):
Joe On Twitter - This has been confirmed by various sources as being the real Joe Flanigan, not an impostor as has happened before.
JDFC - Lots of information and more.
David Hewlett (Rodney McKay):
David on Twitter
David on You Tube - He's under the name H0rrid.
dGeek - Site run by David Hewlett, including a forum.
David Hewlett Archive - Artwork, gallery and information.
David Hewlett Net - Artwork, information, downloads and more.
David's Old Blog - He doesn't update this one anymore, but has some entries.
Snarky McKay - A fanlisting for McKay fans with a list of his injuries and some background information.
David Hewlett Fansite - Gallery, biography, filmography etc.

Rachel Luttrell (Teyla Emmagan):
Official Site - Bio, gallery, articles and news.

Rainbow Sun Francks (Aiden Ford):
Rainbow on Wikipedia
F.O.R.D.-The Fellowship of Rainbow Defenders - Live journal community.

Jason Momoa (Ronon Dex):
Official Fansite - News, information and more.

Torri Higgison (Elizabeth Weir):
Weir Fans - Live journal community.

Amanda Tapping (Samantha Carter):
The Official Site - All sorts of information, fanfic, photos and more.
Amanda on Twitter

Robert Picardo (Richard Woolsey):
Offical Website - Conventions, live appearences, audio/video, filmography, bio, gallery etc.
Official Fan Website - News, bio, gallery, flimography, fanfiction etc.

Paul McGillion (Carson Beckett):
Paul on Twitter
Official Site - Gallery, press, information and more.
Unofficial Paul McGillion Site -
Gallery, media, information and more.

Jewel Staite (Jennifer Keller):
Official Website - Biography, gallery, news etc.
Jewel on Twitter

David Nykl (Radek Zelenka):
Official Site - Information, and a special Zelenka page.
David's Blog - His blog.
Dr Zelenka Fanpage - Gallery, photos, videos and more.

Craig Veroni (Peter Grodin):
On IMDb - Filmography, photos etc.

Kavan Smith (Major Lorne):
Kavan Smith Fans - Information, photos, downloads and more.

Chuck Campbell (Chuck, the Canadian Gate Tech):
On IMDb - Filmography, photos etc.

Sharon Taylor (Amelia Banks, Gate Tech):
On IMDb - Filmography, photos etc

Mitch Pileggi (Stephen Caldwell):
On IMDb - Filmography, photos etc

Michael Beach (Colonel Abraham Ellis):
Wikipedia (I can't find an official of fan website, if you know of one please let me know!)

Kate Hewlett (Jeannie Miller, McKay's Sister):
Kate's Blog
Kate on Twitter

Ben Cotton (Doctor Kavanagh):
Ben on Twitter

Dylan Neal (Dave Sheppard, Sheppard's brother):
Fan WebsiteBio, gallery, news etc.

Robert Davi (Acastus Kolya):
Official Robert Davi Fan Club - Bio, information, filmography and links.

Christopher Heyerdahl (Halling, Todd):
Fan WebsiteBio, gallery, news etc.

Andee Frizzell (Wraith Queen):
Official WebsiteBio, gallery, news etc.

Gildart Jackson (Janus, 'Before I Sleep'):
Official Website 
Bio, gallery, news etc.
Gildart on Twitter

Janina Gavankar (Sergeant 'Dusty' Mehra, 'Whispers'):
Official Site Bio, gallery, news etc.

Ryan Robbins (Ladon Radim):
Ryan on Twitter

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Crew Sites:

Brad Wright (Co-Developer/Executive Producer/Writer):
Brad on IMDb

Robert C Cooper (Co-Developer/Executive Producer/Writer):
Robert on IMDb

Joe Mallozzi (Executive Producer/Writer):
Current Blog - His current blog where he talks about food, life and answers some fan questions.

Martin Gero (Writer/Director):
Martin on Twitter - beware of bad language.

Alex Levine (Writer):
Alex on IMDb

Carl Binder (Writer):
Carl on Twitter - His twitter is friends locked.

Alan McCullough (Writer):
Alan on Twitter 
Alan on IMDb

Peter DeLuise (Writer/Director):
The Boringly Names Peter DeLuise Site - Filmography, news, photos, music vid.

Martin Wood (Director):
Martin on IMDb

John G Lenic (Producer):
John on Twitter

James Bamford (Stunts Co-ordinator):
James on IMDb

Ivan Bartok (DVD Special Features Producer):
Ivan on Twitter

Joel Goldsmith (Composer):
Joel on Wikipedia

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Merchandise Sites:

Stargate Novels:
Official Site 
Stargate Novels on Twitter 

Big Finish Productions (Audio CDs):

Official Site

Big Finish on Twitter 

If you know of any sites that I have not linked that might be of interest to Atlantis fans, please let me know. Thank you.

Remember, there are more links on this page here - these being sites of most use to fanfic writers, though there may be things of interests to other fans too (a guide to fanfic terms, for instance). Some sites are listed on both pages.

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