Leesa's Atlantis Caption Competition Number 2

The caption competition is now 

Competition 2
Photo from Dedicated to Stargate site's screencap section.  

The Top Three (in no particular order):

Beckett: "Make mine a Latte and a Bedrock baguette, and Rodney will have an expresso and a double whammy!"
- submitted by Bookall

“Um, Rodney,” Carson stammers.
“Not now! I’m in the middle of saving the universe… again,” McKay snaps.
“Enough, Doctor,” Elizabeth interrupts. “If he doesn’t want to know about the eight inch spider-like creature with huge fangs crawling on his back…”
- submitted by Judy Seils

Beckett:  "Rodney?  If that's the way to the little girl's room,  where's the little boy's?
Rodney:  "Third tree to the left."
- submitted by Pam

The Other Entries:

Liz: "It's no use Carson, Rodney is adamant about beating Ronon at Tetris."
Rodney (to himself): "Just a few hundred thousand points now..."
- submitted by Ellison Jung

Rodney: "Elizabeth? Have you seen any of this 'fan art' stuff?"
Elizabeth: "No."
Rodney: "Some of it is pretty good. Hmmm... 'slash fan art'. I wonder
what that is. Let's have a look."
Carson: "Um, Rodney..."
- submitted by Melanie Dunkin

The Not Entries (but we couldn't resist joining in):

Beckett: “Rodney, why don’t you just admit you can’t get the barbecue started?”
- by Leesa's Bloke

Elizabeth: “Who farted?”
- by Leesa's Bloke (always a classic, this one)

Carson: Rodney, it’s been three days now, we’re not going to find any gold here.”

- by Leesa's Bloke

Elizabeth: “Try not to destroy the planet while I’m… ‘watering the plants’…”
- by Leesa's Bloke and Leesa Perrie - actually came up with it before Pam's entry which just goes to show that great minds think along similar lines!

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