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All icons are 100x100 pixels or less in size and were designed for use on LiveJournal.  The Atlantis, SG1 and The Sentinel icons contain spoilers up to and including all episodes/films that have aired/are available to buy in the US.

Atlantis and SG1 photos mainly from SG1 & Atlantis ScreencapsDedicated to Stargate, Stargate Archive or GateWorld.  Some I can't remember where I got them from, sorry.

Please note that I have organised the icons via characters - eg, if I use a photo of a SG1 character from a SGA or SGU episode, then that photo will be placed in the SG1 section. The only exception to this rule
at present is Sam Carter, where the icon is filed under whichever Stargate show the episode is from. Richard Woolsey will also be an exception should I icon him from any SG1/SGU episodes, which so far I have not done.

For icons that contains characters from two Stargate shows - eg, Ronon and Teal'c in Midway (an SGA episode) - the icon will appear in the 'Duos' sections in both of the shows, with the exception again of Sam Carter.

The Sentinel photos are from
Starfox's Mansion or Natalie's Site.

Non-fandom photos come from various sources, all royalty-free (as far as I know).

Stargate: Atlantis Icons
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Stargate: SG1 Icons
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Stargate: SGU Icons
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Stargate: Original Movie Icons
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The Sentinel Icons
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White Collar Icons
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Non-fandom Artwork (icons, wallpapers etc)
Last Update 9th September 2017
   Misc Fandom Artwork (icons, wallpapers etc)
Andromeda, The A Team (original), Big Bang Theory, Bones, Firefly, Man from UNCLE,
NCIS, NCIS: LA, Person of Interest, Sherlock (BBC 2010), Star Trek: TOS, Warehouse 13 
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