About the Authors

Leesa Perrie:

I am a fifty-something female in the Midlands areas of the UK who likes to write gen fanfiction, though I haven't written much the last few years due to writer's block. I am married with no children and no pets - unless you count the wild birds that frequent our garden!

At present, I have written for The Sentinel, Stargate Atlantis and White Collar. Some of my fics are co-written with Jayne Perry, and pretty much all of my stories are beta read by her.

In The Sentinel,
my favourite character is Blair Sandburg, though I do like Jim Ellison as well and enjoy their friendship. In Stargate Atlantis, my favourite character is Rodney McKay, with Carson Beckett and Radek Zelenka being close behind him, and I like the Rodney/John/Team friendship. In White Collar, my favourite character is Neal Caffrey, though I love many of the others characters as well.

You will notice I use British spellings, though I do try to use American terms (or Canadian, Czech etc, depending on the character I'm writing for), but sometimes I make mistakes - please feel free to politely point them out to me, preferably providing me with alternative words/phrases. 

I hope you enjoy the stories - comments and constructive criticism welcome - no flames please. Thank you.

Jayne Perry:


Slightly older, Jayne is married with two sons.  She lives on the south coast of the UK.  We've been friends for many, many years – since the late 1980's I believe!  Due to her commitments, she isn't able to write as much as she'd like to, but is happy to co-write with me from time to time, and often helps me to work out tricky plot details (especially actions scenes) and is my trusted beta.  She has written a few short Atlantis stories that I've posted up on this site for her, and is a Rodney fan with Radek close behind.  All comments (unless they are flames) will be passed onto her.

Leesa's Bloke:

My husband.  Not a fan of TV in general and has never watched any of the TV shows mentioned above.  However, he has had to put up with an obsessed wife and has absorbed more about Stargate than he probably wants to admit to. 

He wrote an Atlantis version of a T S Eliot poem that you can find on this site (in the Atlantis Fandom section) – I helped with names of people and places, but otherwise it's all down to what he's heard me rambling on about.  I think he did a very good job, for not having seen or read any Atlantis episodes or fiction.  I also think I need to stop rambling on about it so much around him before he retaliates with long discussions about 'fascinating' Bridge hands he has played…!


Wishes to remain completely anonymous.

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