Sentinel Links Page

A Site with Lots of Link:
Becky’s Links Page 

Fanfiction Archives:
Cascade Library
Wolfpup’s Den  
Starfox’s Mansion  
Susan Foster’s Site - some slash, well labelled.
Artifact Storage Room 3 – all genres, seems to be well labelled.

Starfox's Mansion
Knight Watchman TS Caps

Individual Fanfiction Sites:
Jaguar’s Jungle - some slash, kept separate to the gen.

General Sites:
Becky’s Site -  all sorts of things, including fiction.
Romanse's Art - artwork, song vids, fanfic. Some slash, kept separate to the gen. Several fandoms.
Fanfic Set Wallpapers - Wallpapers for lots of shows including Sentinel.  All fanfic on this site is slash.

Whumper's Meme - A Short Guide to Whumping - a look at what to do and what not to do when whumping a character by kriadydragon/stealth dragon. Although aimed at SGA fans, the basic rules are applicable to other fandoms. (Whumping - causing physical and/or emotional injury/trauma to characters.)

Actor sites:
Richard Burgi (Jim Ellison):
Official Site - news, info and more

Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg):
Garett on IMDB

Leigh Taylor Young (Naomi Sandburg):
Official Site - news, info and more

Bruce A Young (Simon Banks):
Becky’s Site - news, photos and more

Anna Galvin (Megan Conner):
Unofficial Site - news, info and more

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