(John and Rodney drunk in a jumper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    lol   Wonder if puddle jumpers can loop the loop   :)



LOL and LOL again!  Now there's an image!!! 

At least Rodney could blame his lack of straight lines on the booze for once!!!



Yes, but what would John blame it on? 

Rodney would probably want to go and see his mate Sam.



The Next Day

By Jayne Perry


Rodney groaned.  His head felt like it had a band of dwarves in it, trying to play heavy rock - of the music variety, but then again, maybe not. 

Any head movement transfered itself to his stomach, threatening to throw up all over the floors, maybe even the walls as well.  Even his eyes were threatening to go on strike, as he blearily tried to locate his alarm clock, the one he had Zelenka adapt to Atlantis time.  Slowly, his eyes focused on the digital display.

Swear words went through his brain as he realised he was late for the meeting with Elizabeth, but movement was still out of the question. Maybe he could crawl to the bathroom, he thought to himself.  Bracing himself, he rolled out of bed and onto the floor.  Pleased that he hadn't actually thrown up he focused on the distance between himself and the bathroom. Knowing he had to move, he slowly and carefully crawled to the bathroom. Half way there, he paused.  Had he locked the door, or was anyone going to come looking for him to see why he was late?




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