Various Conversational Snippets:


McKay(?): You’ll find if you shut your mouth less words will come out…


(based on a t-shirt slogan: “Please…Close your mouth and less words will come out”)




Someone says - “Great minds think alike.”


John says – “And talking of great minds,” and indicates Rodney and says something to do with him.




Someone (John?) says ‘ “If at first you don’t succeed…Rodney will do it!”






“I think I should warn you,” Sheppard said to McKay.  “Beckett’s threatening to come down and sedate your ass if you don’t get some rest soon.  And knowing the doc, he means your ass too.”


“Let him try,” McKay said, unconcerned about the threat. 


“I should probably mention that he’s asked Ronon to hold you down if you cause him any trouble.”


“What?  Now that’s just not fair!  Talk about medical malpractice…”






Describing McKay – every family has a crochety old aunt or grandma who says I told you so but is the first to help






McKay says - If you want me, I’ll be over in the corner there, having a nervous breakdown






“Is that meant to encourage or discourage me?”







“Thank you.  Now, I must go patch up scientists that have been trampled by Canadian steamroller.” (Radek)