By Leesa Perrie


“Looking to the stars, like some poet or lovelorn romantic, trusting that they are living on the same planet under the same night sky, and that no matter how far apart they are, how ever far their lives takes them from each other, they can be together in their hearts whenever one looks to the pinpoints of starry light. 


Watching as the stars glitter, knowing that it is atmosphere that makes them shimmer so, and glancing a moving star that is just a satellite, sending messages or taking pictures or maybe spying… And hoping that the morn will bring a new day, and that maybe this new day will be the one that they meet again…”


A chime at her door interrupted her reading, and reluctantly she placed a bookmark into the romantic novel and placed it down, covering it loosely with a sheet on her bed, hiding it from prying eyes, and rose to greet her visitor.