By Leesa Perrie


The first time he saw Dr Rodney McKay, the man was ordering him to think about where they were in the universe.  He hadn’t paid much attention to the man himself, more concerned with what was happening and how on earth was he doing this stuff.  And on not freaking out, as that would be so not cool in front of all those people, Generals aside.  Eventually, he was able to escape from the chair, only to be waylaid by the woman, Dr Elizabeth Weir, who wanted him to join an expedition to another galaxy.  Like he was supposed to make a decision just like that.


He’d told O’Neill yes in the helicopter, but only to keep the option open.  He’d certainly not made a firm decision either way.  Wasn’t to make the final decision until he flipped a coin some back in America.


The second time he saw the Canadian physicist, had been when the research team started shipping things and people out, back to America and the SGC.  The man was busy ordering about his staff, and the military grunts assigned to help, like a mini-dictator, making sure equipment was handled properly, and berating those who didn’t do things to his exacting standards.


It had been quite something to watch, though he felt a twinge of sympathy for the poor people under McKay’s command.  He decided to avoid the man, who obviously held no respect for the military, and who was bound to try and order him about, not that it would work.


The third time he saw McKay had been when the helicopter carrying the last handful of personnel was grounded due to a storm.  He was sent to find them after the storm was over, and found a group of men and women safe inside survival tents, but eager to leave.  The pilot had kept them together and kept them alive, despite a rough landing and a minor concussion.


Everyone had seemed fine, and they had all piled into the two helicopters, after making sure the original one was safe to fly.  He ended up with McKay, Weir and two others he didn’t know in his own copter.  The physicist kept complaining, loudly, about his bruises having bruises, but eventually quieted down.  Though only after Weir had ordered him to.


They were part way back to base when he collapsed.  Turns out he was bleeding internally.  Fortunately not bad enough to kill him, at least not before getting him back to base and into the hands of Dr Beckett, but enough for the doc to have to perform surgery.


The fourth time he saw the guy was back at the SGC.  There was a pretty blonde…he later found out she was Colonel Carter of SG-1 fame…and they were in an animated and not totally friendly looking argument about some science thing or other.  He didn’t pay much attention to the details, but he watched as McKay gestured and postulated, and she attempted to tear down his arguments.  Clearly succeeding to some extent, judging by the confounded look on the Canadian’s face, and the delight on her own.


The next time he saw the Head of Science, they were in an alien city that appeared to be waking up.