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General Sites:
Gateworld - Episode guides, information, news, omnipedia and more.
SG1 and Atlantis Screencaps - as described, but not fully up to date on episodes/movies.
Dedicated to Stargate - All sorts of information and multimedia, including music vids and screen caps.
Stargate SG1 Solutions - All sorts of information, news, multimedia etc
Stargate Information Archive - Episode guide, news, cast info, wallpapers and more.
Kawoosh - SG1 and SGA song vids.
I Hope You Dance - Song vids, some ship, well labelled.
Star Toons - Cartoons by Leah Rosenthal (highly recommend!)
Stargate Musing - Transcripts for Seasons 1 to 8 (site has several WIP sections).
Pegasus Gate - Forum for all Stargate series.
Whumper's Meme - A Short Guide to Whumping - a look at what to do and what not to do when whumping a character by kriadydragon/stealth dragon. Although aimed at SGA fans, the basic rules are applicable to other fandoms. (Whumping - causing physical and/or emotional injury/trauma to characters.

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Actor Sites:
Many of these sites have come via GateWorld, others via Wraithfodder on LiveJournal.
Tony Amendola Lexa Doig
Sean Patrick Flanery
Carmen Argenziano Gary Jones
Claudia Black Christopher Judge
Beau Bridges Colin Nemec
Ben Browder Teryl Rothery
Garry Chalk Michael Shanks
Alexis Cruz Dan Shea
Colin Cunningham Cliff Simon
Don S Davis Amanda Tapping
Richard Dean Anderson Peter Williams

Richard Dean Anderson (Jack O'Neill):
Richard Dean Anderson Site - All sorts of information.
Richard on Twitter 

Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson):
Official Website - Bio, filmography, information, gallery and more.
The Daniel Friendly Zone - Artwork and lots of links.
Michael on Twitter

Amanda Tapping (Samantha Carter):
The Official Site - All sorts of information, fanfic, photos and more.
Amanda on Twitter 

Christopher Judge (Teal'c):
Christopher on Facebook
Christopher on Wikipedia

Corin Nemec (Jonas Quinn):
Corin on Wikipedia

Ben Browder (Cameron Mitchell):
Ben Browder Net - Bio, news and other information.

Claudia Black (Vala Maldoran):
Caludia Black UKBio, news and other information.

Don S Davis (General Hammond):
Official Artwork Site - About his artwork.

Beau Bridges (General Hank Landry):
Beau on Wikipedia
Beau on IMDb

Teryl Rothery (Janet Frasier):
The Official Site
Bio, photos, news etc.
Teryl on Twitter

Lexa Doig (Carolyn Lam):
Lexa on Twitter

LexaFans - bio, photos, multimedia, news etc.

Gary Jones (Walter Harriman):
Gary on Wikipedia

Dan Shea (Siler):
Dan on IMDb

Colin Cunnigham (Major Davis):
The Official Site - bio, photos, news, demo reel etc.

Alexis Cruz (Skaara):
Alexis on IMDb

Tony Amendola (Bra'tak):
Fan Website - Bio, photos, news etc.

Carmen Argenziano (Jacob Carter/Selmak):
Fan Website -
Bio, photos, news etc.

Garry Chalk (Colonel Chekov):
Fan Website - Bio, photos, news etc.

Peter Williams (Apophis):
Peter on Wikipedia

Cliff Simon (Baal):
The Official Site - Bio, photos, news etc.

Sean Patrick Flanery (Orlin, 'Ascension'):
Sean on Twitter

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Crew Sites:

Jonathan Glassner (Co-Developer):
Jonathan on IMDb

Brad Wright (Co-Developer/Executive Producer/Writer):
Brad on IMDb

Robert C Cooper (Executive Producer/Writer):
Robert on IMDb

Peter DeLuise (Writer/Director)
Peter on wikipedia 

Joe Mallozzi (Writer):
Current Blog - His current blog where he talks about food, life and answers some fan questions.

Alex Levine (Writer):
Alex on IMDb

Carl Binder (Writer):
Carl on Twitter - His twitter is friends locked.

Alan McCullough (Writer):
Alan on Twitter 
Alan on IMDb

Martin Gero (Writer):
Martin on Twitter - Beware of bad language.

Martin Wood (Director):
Martin on IMDb

James Bamford (Stunts Co-ordinator):
James on IMDb

John G Lenic (Producer):
John on Twitter 

Joel Goldsmith (Composer)
Joel on Wikipedia

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Merchandise Sites:

Stargate Novels:
Official Site 
Stargate Novels on Twitter 

Big Finish Productions (Audio CDs):

Official Site

Big Finish on Twitter

Please send me links you think I might be interested in adding to this page, particularly that relate to any cast or crew members not mentioned above.  Thank you.

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