Disclaimer: White Collar does no belong to me (unfortunately!). This is a non profit making site and all artwork, captions and fanfiction is purely for pleasure. Only the original characters and plot belong to the author, and absolutely no money is being made from any of this. No copyright infringement is intended.

All my fanfiction is gen - for me this means that any relationships mentioned must not the focus of the story and need to either be canon-established relationships or pre-WC ones (unless AU). I do not write romance - someone referred to gen-readers as romance-allergic and I think this is a pretty good description of me! The closest to romance I get is a passing kiss between Peter and El.

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Stand Alone Stories:

It's That Time of the Year Again
280 words. G. Crack. Humour. Silliness.

Not the Day He Had Planned 
4232 words. PG. Hurt/Comfort. Friendship. Spoilers up to and including 2x09 (Point Blank).

A Man of Contradictions
321 words. G. Introspection. Character Study. Minor spoiler for 4x11 (Family Business).

The Past That Haunts Us
20,853 words. PG13. AU. Angst. H/C. Friendship. Crossover of sorts with SGA. Spoilers for Season 2.

Attack of the Germs 
1170 words. PG. Sick!Fic. No spoilers. Cover art by aragarna.

A Fish Too Elusive To Catch
329 words. PG. Introspection. Character Study. Friendship. Spoilers for 2x11 (Forging Bonds) and minor spoiler for 4x10 (Vested Interests). Cover art by signe_chan.

The Con Who Came in from the Cold
8,498 words. PG13. AU. Angst. No spoilers beyond S1.

The Sound of Footsteps
52 words. G. Angst. Set after S6 S6 'Au Revoir'.

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